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These three ancient masterpieces of Hindu architecture are locally referred to as Prambanan Temple or Lorojonggrang Temple. One of its appeals is the wealth of sculptural detail. The well known one is on the inner wall of the balustrade, the wonderfully vital and utterly engrossing Ramayana epic.

Perhaps one of the most majestic temples in the South-East Asia, Prambanan attracts many admirers each year from abroad. Situated about 15 kilometers from Yogyakarta, the top of the main shrine is visible from a great distance and rises high above the scattered ruins of the former temples.

Prambanan is the best seen shortly after dawn or in the late afternoon. However it is still beautiful at any time.

Prambanan Sunrise
Enjoy sunrise behind the glory of Prambanan Temple. Visitors should be at the location - in the area of The Open Air Theater and archaeological park of the temple - before sun rise at about 5:00 o'clock in the morning.

A park designed specially for children and the rest of your family to play in and have fun while enjoying the beauty of Prambanan Temple.

Archeological Museum
The museum where you can learn about the ancient history of Prambanan and all the surrounding temples and Wanabaya's discoveries